Donation Example

This is an example of how we can build a donations page on our website that is completely operated through SharePoint! (The donation form below is a REAL donation form, but set to test mode. Two-clicks makes this live!) Total build time to create this: about 20 minutes.

Marketing Text! This is an exciting block of text to highlight our excitement having reached $1,400 in Processed donations!

Here’s a chart:

All of this data is stored in SharePoint, and in the example we are making the assumption that all of the team works in SharePoint. So new entries can be added to SharePoint and the list looks like this:

You’ll note that we aren’t showing any of the names of the donors or emails in the data here. This page demonstrates how you can hide data from the frontend using GravityView.

When we receive a donation, we record it in SharePoint as a Pending donation. We show the donation on the chart, but the count above the chart only tracks Processed donations. Read about showing calculated fields here: GravityMath.

You can fill out the form below using the following test data to see the chart change.

Credit Card: 4242 4242 4242 4242
Expiration date: <Any Future Date>
CCV: <any 3 digit number>
Zip: <Any 5 digit number>