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Some Examples to inspire you:

Connect Business Central to e-commerce store

It’s easy to connect BC with eCommerce. Sync products, inventory, customers, etc.

Send files to SharePoint Automatically

You can automatically send files to SharePoint, extract data, and email key content to individuals.

Send data to production team once order confirmed

We could use Dataverse to submit data into production systems when the moment is right.

Did you know? gives you insights, ratings, tags and details on all 1000+ Power Automate connectors.

Accept Payments

Want to offer online payment? Let’s implement it now. It’s easier than you think to get started.

Explore flow limits

Power Automate is useful, but it’s easy to hit limits. Let’s explore how to work around issues.

Deep Dive on Specific Connectors

Have a favorite connector? We can explore it’s quirks and features together!

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